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Methodist Healthcare enjoys an outstanding reputation thanks to people like you.

Each of our employees has committed to live by the Methodist Excellence Promise, which is to always remember WHY we are here: Serving humanity to honor God by providing exceptional and cost-effective health care, accessible to all. Our Promise exemplifies HOW we operate by living the Methodist Standards of Behavior, which play a crucial role throughout our organization. Everyone who enters any of the Methodist Healthcare facilities expects quality care, compassion and respect – these are the trademarks of Methodist Healthcare. Our Standards of Behavior assure that our customers’ needs are being met with concern and enthusiasm. And, we promise is to do WHAT is necessary for Methodist Excellence every day, every time.

Woven throughout Methodist Excellence are basic principles that will positively impact the work you do every day.


When employees present a positive attitude, our customers will sense that quality care is not forced but is truly our mission.


A professional appearance is important as it assures a positive image of the individual, as well as the entire organization.


Communication skills are key to providing a consistent and effective continuum of care.

Compassionate Service

Compassion and passion are vital ingredients to providing service and showing our customers we truly care.


Every employee represents Methodist Healthcare in the eyes of our customers; a sense of ownership and pride is essential.


Employees must be sensitive to the legal rights and emotional needs of privacy for patients.


Each of us has a responsibility in ensuring the safety of our patients, our physicians, our co-workers, our visitors and ourselves.

Teamwork/Commitment to Co-Workers

We believe, through teamwork, we can produce better results collectively than we would as individuals.


Methodist Healthcare promotes an environment of employee fellowship. Employees need to know that laughter and enjoying one’s job make for a positive workplace.


The building blocks of Accountability involve personal responsibility for job actions and performance; complete understanding of job responsibilities, and adherence to all Methodist Healthcare policies and procedures.

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